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Management’s Discussion & Analysis

Our Customers

Our customers include authorized bottlers and independent distributors, including foodservice distributors and retailers. We normally grant our bottlers exclusive contracts to sell and manufacture certain beverage products bearing our trademarks within a specific geographic area. These arrangements provide us with the right to charge our bottlers for concentrate, finished goods and Aquafina royalties and specify the manufacturing process required for product quality.

Since we do not sell directly to the consumer, we rely on and provide financial incentives to our customers to assist in the distribution and promotion of our products. For our independent distributors and retailers, these incentives include volume-based rebates, product placement fees, promotions and displays. For our bottlers, these incentives are referred to as bottler funding and are negotiated annually with each bottler to support a variety of trade and consumer programs, such as consumer incentives, advertising support, new product support, and vending and cooler equipment placement. Consumer incentives include coupons, pricing discounts and promotions, and other promotional offers. Advertising support is directed at advertising programs and supporting bottler media. New product support includes targeted consumer and retailer incentives and direct marketplace support, such as point-of-purchase materials, product placement fees, media and advertising. Vending and cooler equipment placement programs support the acquisition and placement of vending machines and cooler equipment. The nature and type of programs vary annually.

Retail consolidation and the current economic environment continue to increase the importance of major customers.

Retail consolidation and the current economic environment continue to increase the importance of major customers. In 2008, sales to Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (Wal-Mart), including Sam’s Club (Sam’s), represented approximately 12% of our total net revenue. Our top five retail customers represented approximately 32% of our 2008 North American net revenue, with Wal-Mart (including Sam’s) representing approximately 18%. These percentages include concentrate sales to our bottlers which are used in finished goods sold by them to these retailers. In addition, sales to PBG represented approximately 8% of our total net revenue in 2008. See “Our Related Party Bottlers” and Note 8 for more information on our anchor bottlers.

Our Related Party Bottlers

We have ownership interests in certain of our bottlers. Our ownership is less than 50%, and since we do not control these bottlers, we do not consolidate their results. We have designated three related party bottlers, PBG, PepsiAmericas, Inc. (PAS) and Pepsi Bottling Ventures LLC (PBV), as our anchor bottlers. We include our share of their net income based on our percentage of economic ownership in our income statement as bottling equity income. Our anchor bottlers distribute approximately 60% of our North American beverage volume and approximately 17% of our beverage volume outside of North America. Our anchor bottlers participate in the bottler funding programs described above. Approximately 6% of our total 2008 sales incentives were related to these bottlers. See Note 8 for additional information on these related parties and related party commitments and guarantees. Our share of net income from other noncontrolled affiliates is recorded as a component of selling, general and administrative expenses.