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Such a resolute performance and such a focus on our purpose is why I have such confidence in this company for the future. Nobody can predict exactly how the global economic slowdown will affect specific markets in 2009, or how consumers will respond to the pressures they face. But we’ve shown we have the competitive strengths, the right strategies and the tenacity to maintain our competitive edge.

We have to remember the deep brand value we have. In good times and bad, people view our products as simple, affordable pleasures that keep them nourished and refreshed. Worldwide, our retail partners consider us a strategic partner whose powerful go-to-market systems deliver strong brands and fast-selling products that help them generate healthy cash flow.

We’re led by an experienced management team that has proven it can address hyperinflation, currency devaluation and political turmoil as it keeps us growing. We’re sustained by the associates, customers and business partners who help us deliver fun, nourishment and refreshment each day.

And we are always facing the future, looking for new ways of working, new ways of making good on the promise of Performance with Purpose.

What you see in these pages is an account of the immediate past with some sense of how it brought us to the present. But the essential point about our company, the thing that makes us successful year in, year out, is that we are always thinking about the future.

To celebrate the future generation, we asked the children of our associates around the world to draw their favorite PepsiCo products. Some of these drawings are featured on this annual report’s cover, demonstrating that we’re growing in ways that nurture, sustain and inspire people.

A great company is a place where people come together, with a purpose in common. By defining that purpose, by trying to bottle it, we are bound together. That is the message you see on every page of this report. It is full of stories and portraits that truly demonstrate the deeply personal, emotional connection our associates have made to Performance with Purpose. In any language, our associates will tell you, “We are Performance with Purpose.” Please join us on this trip around the globe, and see for yourself why I’m so inspired by the great things we’ve accomplished together—and so excited about the many opportunities that still lie ahead.

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Indra K. Nooyi
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer