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Innovating Globally

Through innovation, we bring new experiences to our consumers, providing fun, refreshment and nutrition. Innovation also drives our expansion globally, as we develop our businesses and grow our position country by country.

In 2011, we achieved a significant milestone, with approximately 50 percent of our revenue coming from outside the U.S., including 34 percent from developing and emerging markets. We drove this success by ­recognizing that we have to win one consumer at a time, striking the right balance between global scale and local relevance.

Importantly, we also continued to build our research and development capabilities as well as to strengthen new platforms for growth in global categories such as grain snacks.

Delighting Locally

We are unique in our ability to innovate for local tastes and cultures. In 2011, we grew sales and market share by making our powerful global brands locally relevant, with innovation that encompassed new products, engaging packaging and groundbreaking marketing.

Our innovation also comes from local know-how. We are "lifting and shifting" innovative ideas developed by local PepsiCo teams to other markets and regions, where they take root and grow.