Environmental Sustainability means finding innovative ways to cut costs and minimize our impact on the environment through energy and water conservation as well as reduced use of packaging material.

We anticipated the need to take environmental stewardship to a whole new level at the start of the new millennium, recognizing that environmental sustainability was becoming a core component of sustainable success. We began to put in place the systems, processes and metrics needed to drive continuous improvement in energy and water conservation as well as packaging and waste reduction.

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PepsiCo takes a comprehensive approach to water stewardship.


We have improved our global water use efficiency by more than 20 percent per unit of production in our operations since 2006.

GHG Emissions

We are working to improve our energy use efficiency in order to reduce our GHG emissions, conserve fuel and reduce our costs.

Sustainable Agriculture

As a leading food and beverage company, agriculture is central to our business.


We completed 36 pilot programs through our Sustainable Farming Initiative by the end of 2012.

Packaging, Waste & Recycling

At PepsiCo, we continually think about new ways to package and deliver our products to minimize our impact on the environment. In this effort, we strive for the "5 Rs" - to reduce, recycle, use renewable sources, remove environmentally sensitive materials, and promote the reuse of packaging in the entire process of packaging selection, design and procurement.

Responsible Sourcing

Responsible sourcing means looking at what we purchase beyond the traditional aspects of cost, quality and consistent supply.


In 2012, we spent $1.4 billion with minority- and women-owned suppliers in the U.S. alone.

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