Human Sustainability means providing a wide range of foods and beverages, from treats to healthy eats.

As one of the world's leading food and beverage companies, PepsiCo plays an important role in helping people lead healthier lives.

We are focused on providing new offerings that meet consumer needs for both nutrition as well as convenience. Building upon our four most important nutrition platforms and brands - Quaker, Tropicana, Gatorade and Naked Juice - we continue to expand our portfolio of nutritious products across multiple markets to unlock growth opportunities in new product categories.

To read more, download our 2014 Sustainability Report.


PepsiCo has expanded its portfolio of nutritious, great-tasting and convenient foods and beverages through research and development innovation.

Responsible Marketing

PepsiCo will continue to provide clear nutrition information on our products, and sell and market them appropriately to our consumers in line with our global policies and accepted global standards.


Good nutrition is only one part of maintaining optimal health; another major component is regular physical activity. PepsiCo supports programs that encourage people to be more active.

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