PepsiCo has taken several important steps to ensure we are employing responsible advertising practices. We helped found the International Food & Beverage Alliance (IFBA), a Swiss-based NGO comprising multinational food and beverage manufacturers, to adopt a worldwide voluntary commitment to advertise to children under the age of 12 only those products that meet specific nutrition criteria. PepsiCo also adopted a global company policy that is consistent with IFBA's policy.

In 2010, we announced strict science-based criteria that state that only our most nutritious products, such as Quaker Oats, meet the standard for advertising to children under the age of 12. We achieved 99 percent compliance with this policy by the end of 2012 in globally representative markets such as Russia, China, Saudi Arabia and six countries in the EU, all of which were monitored for compliance with our Advertising to Children Policy.

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We achieved 100 percent compliance with our U.S. and Canada pledges restricting advertising to children under age 12.

We strengthened our Advertising to Children Policy in 2012 to define advertising to children to mean that we will not buy advertising in programs with an audience profile consisting of more than 35 percent of children under 12 years of age. Previously, our policy applied to audiences consisting of more than 50 percent of children under 12 years of age. This policy change is currently being rolled out and will be fully implemented by the end of 2013.

Additionally, we achieved 100 percent compliance in the U.S. and Canada, as verified by the Children's Food & Beverage Advertising Initiative and Advertising Standards Canada, respectively.

Many PepsiCo-owned bottling operations have helped to remove full calorie soft drinks from primary and secondary schools. We are working with local communities and schools to focus on providing water, juices, milk and low-calorie beverages in support of healthy nutrition habits.

PepsiCo Policy on Responsible Advertising to Children

PepsiCo’s Nutrition Criteria for Advertising to Children

It is our responsibility to provide safe products and nutrition information to all consumers. Through this practice, we also protect equity in our brands, trademarks and goodwill.

PepsiCo complies with all legally required nutrition labeling. Our policies cover food safety, sanitation, recalls and allergens, and require that our products are coded, labeled, identifiable and traceable. Nutrition labeling is part of our food safety compliance systems, which include website training, monitoring, preventive measures and readiness for corrective action. We have regular management reviews of our procedures and activities regarding our products.

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We have reached 91 percent compliance in key global markets, including the U.S., on our goal to display calorie count and key nutrients on our packaging for all of our products. We continue to work toward 100 percent compliance in all markets.

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