• PepsiCo is pleased to share the progress we’re making on our Performance with Purpose journey.
  • This website and the PDF of the 2013 Sustainability Report outlines our sustainability goals, and includes supporting data and examples of our efforts to achieve them.
  • Our companion Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) report offers further details on our 2013 sustainability activities and accomplishments.
  • With the release of the 2013 Sustainability Report, PepsiCo launched a Performance with Purpose Pinterest program that features an interactive map and highlights some of PepsiCo’s global efforts over the years to promote human, environmental and talent sustainability, and support and invest in the communities in which we operate.

What’s Inside the PepsiCo Sustainability Report 2013?

Gallery: Performance with Purpose Around the World

PepsiCo operations and programs around the world that are helping us realize our Performance with Purpose goals.



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The Sustainability Task Force, chaired by PepsiCo’s Vice Chairman, leads our corporate sustainability strategy development, an integral part of our overall business objectives planning.

This effort is executed in partnership with leadership teams that oversee the three focus areas of Performance with Purpose: human, environmental and talent sustainability, and with the operational leads of each of our businesses.

The leadership teams are responsible for developing a strategy for each Performance with Purpose focus area, driving implementation, and identifying and addressing issues and risks that are then communicated to the Sustainability Task Force for action.

The Sustainability Task Force regularly updates the chairman and CEO along with the PepsiCo Executive Committee on sustainability stakeholder-related matters.

We count on our stakeholders across the globe to engage and partner with us on how we can continuously improve, innovate and adapt. This feedback is critical to our long-term success and we are deeply appreciative of all of our stakeholder partners who help us advance our sustainability goals.


We welcome all comments and inquiries about PepsiCo’s 2013 Sustainability Report by email at performancewithpurpose@pepsico.com

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