PepsiCo Performance with Purpose

PepsiCo is pleased to share the progress we are making in our Performance with Purpose journey. This website and the PDF of the 2012 Sustainability Report present our sustainability goals and provide data, as well as examples of our efforts to achieve those goals.

Our companion Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) report offers greater detail on PepsiCo activities during 2011/2012.

In addition, our Delivering Access to Safe Water Through Partnerships report provides an update on our collaborative efforts with Water organizations to expand access to safe water to those in underserved communities.

Additionally, we regularly update this website with news and data regarding our sustainability efforts.

Sustainability Governance

PepsiCo has formed a Sustainability Task Force that is chaired by the president of PepsiCo. The Sustainability Task Force guides PepsiCo's sustainability efforts in partnership with leadership teams overseeing the three focus areas of Performance with Purpose: Human, Environmental and Talent Sustainability, and with the operational leads of our businesses. These leadership teams include PepsiCo senior executives within our global and governance functions, including Global Operations, Human Resources, Legal, Public Policy and Government Affairs, Research and Development, Finance, Procurement and Communications.

Stakeholder Engagement

We are committed to continued engagement with our stakeholders, whose insights have helped shape our thinking and actions. In particular, we would like to thank Ceres for its input regarding our sustainability goals and reporting. We also have benefited from stakeholder feedback in various markets provided to us through surveys conducted by GlobeScan and others on PepsiCo's behalf. Of course, we are deeply appreciative of our many stakeholder partners, across sectors and around the world, who are helping PepsiCo to advance our sustainability goals.


To submit comments about this report, please email performancewithpurpose@pepsico.com