As a company doing business in more than 200 countries and territories, diversity and inclusion are essential to our success.

Reflecting the diversity of our consumer base enables us to have a better understanding of our consumers. An inclusive workplace culture that values different perspectives builds employee engagement, fosters creativity and fuels innovation.

We are committed to increasing the number of women leaders within PepsiCo through recruiting and development initiatives around the world. Female associates at PepsiCo can take advantage of a number of programs to help advance their careers. These programs include:

Strategies for Success
In the U.K. and Ireland, we implemented the Strategies for Success Women's Program. Launched in 2012, this customized program is designed to accelerate female managers within PepsiCo. Strategies for Success offers talented future leaders the opportunity to receive group and one-on-one coaching to achieve new milestones within their career.

Promoting Women in the Middle East
Tailored programs enable progress. For example, in Saudi Arabia, where women represent less than five percent of the workforce, the lowest proportion in the world, we have constructed workplaces that respect local customs while enabling women to work and advance. Our Saudi team includes 25 women hired in 2011 and 2012 in both management and front-line roles.

Lean In.
In the U.S., PepsiCo partnered with Lean In, a non-profit organization committed to offering women encouragement and support to achieve their personal and professional goals. PepsiCo associates can access a number of tools and resources such as online discussion forums where they can receive insights from leaders from across business, government and academia, as well as free development modules.

In the 1940s, PepsiCo became the first company to grant a franchise to people of color and to engage in multicultural marketing. In the 1950s, we were the first major company to have a woman on its board of directors. Then in 1962, PepsiCo once again made history when Harvey C. Russell became a vice president at PepsiCo, the first African-American vice president of any major company in the United States.

In our U.S. college campus recruiting, women, people of color and people from diverse ethnic backgrounds comprised more than 60% of our recruits in 2012.

To build on this record of leadership, we are active partners with stakeholders such as the National Urban League, NAACP, National Council of La Raza, National Society of Hispanic MBAs, United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and others. We also partner with minority-owned and women-owned businesses, which help us build the world-class supplier base we need, while creating opportunities in our communities where we live and work.

As a global company, PepsiCo works in countries with a broad array of laws and regulations. Regardless of where we operate, PepsiCo takes great care to respect the diversity, talents and abilities of all.

At PepsiCo, we define diversity as all the unique characteristics that make up each of us: personality, lifestyle, thought processes, work experience, ethnicity, race, color, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, age, national origin, disability, veteran status or other differences.


"[PepsiCo needs] a team that reflects the diversity of our consumers. And that starts with creating a workplace where everyone feels welcome, including our gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender employees, suppliers, trade customers and partners. Creating a culture of respect and trust is part of PepsiCo's values and it's the source of our strength in the marketplace." Indra Nooyi
PepsiCo Chairman and CEO

Our outstanding record for hiring U.S. military veterans earned us a place on the 2013 G.I. Jobs ranking of Top 100 Military Friendly Employers. Only the top two percent of thousands of eligible companies make the Top 100 ranking on the 2013 list. PepsiCo is the only food and beverage company in the top 50.

Additionally, PepsiCo's recycling program provides financial support to the Entrepreneurship Boot Camp for Veterans with Disabilities (EBV), a U.S. program offering free, experiential training in entrepreneurship and small business management to post 9/11 U.S. veterans with disabilities. Over the past three years, the program has donated $1.5 million to EBV.

To recognize individuals within our company who actively support greater diversity and inclusion in the workplace, we have created two internal honors:

The Harvey C. Russell Inclusion Award reflects Mr. Russell's leadership, perseverance and commitment to continuous improvement, along with his key role in helping create the foundation upon which PepsiCo's diversity initiative is built. In 2012, 74 recipients were honored for their outstanding achievements in diversity and inclusion.

The Global Steve Reinemund Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Legacy Award recognizes PepsiCo senior staff who model exemplary leadership and commitment to diversity and inclusion. Award recipients inspire and move PepsiCo to new levels of achievement in diversity and inclusion through their words and actions. Two individuals were honored in 2012.

Did You Know?

Volunteers constructed a water purification tower for a rural school in southwest China to benefit over 700 students and teachers.

PepsiCo views supplier diversity as a real business advantage because it supports building economic wealth with diverse businesses and the development of minority communities. It also helps us develop innovation to spur sustainable growth and creates a supplier base that mirrors our employee and customer base. PepsiCo has also established a strong Tier 2 program. We engage our Prime (non-diverse) suppliers in this important objective by requesting they incorporate diverse suppliers in their business with PepsiCo.

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