Professional Development

We give our associates the chance to grow professionally through regular training and career development tools to help them achieve their performance objectives and help make our company a success.

Our courses develop leaders at multiple levels of the organization, from first-time managers to senior executives.

More than 6,200 associates completed a training course in our Leadership College in 2013.

The more advanced programs in the Leadership Transition curriculum help our associates understand the importance of partnering with a multitude of stakeholders — including governments, NGOs and nonprofit organizations — on a variety of projects and initiatives across the business.

There are five universities within PepsiCo University:

Finance University provides courses around investor relations, external reporting, audit, risk management, control, tax, treasury, operations and supply chain finance, sales finance, strategy, mergers and acquisitions, business planning, systems and IT.

Global Procurement University is made up of a variety of e?learning courses designed to build the knowledge and skills that will help enable procurement professionals to increase functional capability, driving a globally consistent team and organizational capability growth.

Customer Management University offers a robust and continuously updated sales and customer management curriculum for U.S. sales professionals across all divisions.

Global R&D University is a technical training program for all research and development associates worldwide. It provides specialized instruction through eight individual colleges: General R&D, Packaging, Nutrition, Food Safety and Regulatory, Ingredient Application Science, Human Science and Research, Experience Design, Product Development and Process Engineering.

HR University was launched in 2012 and today there are courses that cover human resources topics from organization design and business consulting skills to analytics and talent forecasting.

Egypt “Tatawar” Program

The promise to sustain growth through empowered people and talent development is the foundation of PepsiCo Egypt’s “Tatawar” program. The program is designed to address career development and capacity needs as identified by our sales teams. “Tatawar” (meaning “develop”) will enable:

  • Identification of capacity gaps.
  • A unified competency based approach to assessing talent.
  • The creation of a full skills inventory.
  • An individualized Sales Training Academy.
  • Enhanced career opportunities by linking individual performance to PepsiCo’s Global Sales Competency Model.

Every two years, we conduct an Organizational Health Survey – part of our commitment to creating a workplace in which associates can speak with truth and candor. We ask all associates around the world for their feedback. Topics include benefits, working conditions, compensation, career development, and diversity and inclusion initiatives. We share the results of the survey with associates and use them to develop plans for improvements throughout the company.

We review the results of our survey to develop global and local plans to build on our strengths and make necessary changes to address opportunity areas.

In addition to providing training and development opportunities for PepsiCo employees, we also are committed to helping the next generation of workers develop the skills necessary to obtain meaningful and steady work and a bright future.

That’s why PepsiCo supports job-readiness programs through a number of PepsiCo Foundation – the company’s philanthropic arm – and business unit grants, and amplifies those programs where possible with employee volunteering and mentoring.

Diplomas Now
In 2008, the PepsiCo Foundation became the founding partner of Diplomas Now, a breakthrough initiative to improve graduation rates in the worst?performing U.S. high schools.

The program started with one pilot school in Philadelphia, Pa. Today, with a cumulative grant of $16.1 million from the PepsiCo Foundation, the program helps approximately 31,000 primarily African-American and Latino students across 14 cities and 40 schools. Many of these schools are part of a five-year randomized control test (RCT) with the Department of Education.

The RCT will end in 2016, with data from two graduating classes, which went through four years of the program, providing evidence based results on the success of the Diplomas Now model.

Early results are very promising, with core schools showing a 70 percent decrease in suspended students, a 61 percent decrease in students failing English and a 52 percent decrease in students failing math.

Children’s Development Centers in Turkey
In collaboration with the Southeast Anatolia Project Administration (GAP), PepsiCo Snacks Turkey launched the GAP Cheetos Children’s Development Center project in 2003.

The project’s goals are to reduce educational inequalities experienced across the country and create an environment where school age and preschool children can study or participate in activities to support their mental, emotional, personal and social development.

To date, 11 centers have supported more than 28,500 children.

Building on the Development Centers, PepsiCo established “Our Girls Are Going to School” in 2009. The program has provided funding for 82 girls to complete high school.

PepsiCo Snacks Turkey is working to grow the GAP Cheetos Children’s Development Centers by opening a new center every year, increase the number of girls included in “Our Girls Are Going to School” and double the number of participants in both programs within the next five years.

Looking to the Future Workforce

In addition to providing opportunities for our employees, PepsiCo is also committed to developing the next generation workforce.


More than 1,400 participants between the ages of 13 and 35 from 30 countries registered for the 2014 Eco-Challenge, a competition in which young people from Latin America and the Caribbean developed and submitted entrepreneurial ideas and programs to solve environmental problems. 

The program was sponsored by PepsiCo and the Young Americas Business Trust, a nonprofit corporation that works with the Organization of American States (OAS) to promote social and economic development around the world. 

From the 1,400 participants, 30 finalists were selected and gathered in Asuncion, Paraguay in June 2014 to share ideas and to compete for $5,000 to help fund their projects. Winners also receive support services through the Young Americas Business Trust in order to strengthen and enhance their projects.

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