From virtual reality experiences to do-good social engagements, this year’s marketing campaigns not only tapped into this year’s most noteworthy media and pop-culture trends—they also blazed their own buzz-worthy trails with innovative ideas and executions. Here are some highlights from PepsiCo’s 2015 creative campaigns.

1. Gatorade | From Virtual to Reality (United States)

The only thing cooler than giving a young baseball team a cutting-edge, big-league virtual reality experience? Turning it into reality with a surprise visit from MLB MVP Bryce Harper.

2. Pepsi Max | Drone Football (Western Europe)

Pepsi Max surprises a group of footballers in Barcelona by transforming their local pitch into an incredible, interactive football arena.

3. Naked Juice | Drink Good, Do Good (United States)

In this miniseries of slice-of-life videos, actor Adrian Grenier sheds a light on some Americans’ lack of access to fresh fruits and veggies, inspiring consumers to help deliver 500,000 pounds of produce to neighborhoods in need.

4. Quaker | The Recital (Canada)

Quaker gives a real-life father and daughter a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do what they always wanted to do—perform a dance routine together—all to the surprise of an entire auditorium of spectators (including mom).

5. Walkers Crisps | #CantHelpButSmile (United Kingdom)

Drone cameras helped capture this epic lakeside experience, featuring a group of fearless friends and the world’s largest inflatable crisp bag—AKA a water launch pad.


6. Doritos | Crash the Super Bowl (Global)

For the tenth—and final—year, Doritos is holding an open call for fans to create yet another audaciously memorable Super Bowl ad (like this year’s winner, “Middle Seat”). More than 115 million people will see 2016’s winning spot, and its creator will win one million dollars and score an epic gig with Hollywood director Zack Snyder.

7. Mountain Dew | Mtn Dew Kickstart: It All Starts with a Kick “Come Alive” Extended Commercial  (United States)

Street-style dance moves and hilarious antics ensue in this Super Bowl ad, featuring breakdancer Dominic "D-Trix" Sandoval and interactive annotations.

8. Tostitos | Official Chip of the NFL (United States)

This collection of 10 quick-and-comical commercials features NFL coach Chip Kelly vying—unsuccessfully—for “Official Chip of the NFL” status.

9. Gatorade | Sweat Machine (Canada)

Gatorade invents a vending machine that only accepts sweat as currency, places it in public, and motivates passersby to work (out) for their replenishing beverage.

10. Lay’s | Do Us a Flavor (United States, Canada, China)

Fans all over the world entered their ideas for the next big chip flavor. Two of 2015’s winners? Southern Biscuits and Gravy in the United States and P.E.I. Scalloped Potatoes in Canada. Meanwhile, in China, PepsiCo introduced new flavors including Roasted Squid, Lemon Chicken, Beef Curry, and Cumin Lamb Squid, and asked fans to share their reactions online.