With more than 300 million views, the Live For Now music video featuring Chinese pop star Momo Wu earned Pepsi China a Top 10 2012/2013 China Entertainment Marketing Cases Award. Pepsi took home the only music-related award recognized at the fourth Culture and Entertainment Industry Summit in Beijing on Oct. 18, one of the nation’s biggest marketing events. 

As part of the brand's global Live For Now campaign, Pepsi curates what’s exciting and cool in pop culture. One example is how Pepsi turned aspiring singer Momo Wu from "The Voice China" into one of China's most popular and talked about celebrities.

With her distinctive voice and natural-born flair, she was a perfect match for Pepsi’s Live For Now spirit, so the brand worked with her to create the "Right Now" theme song that would resonate with Chinese youth. Pepsi tasked the music ambassador to write the lyrics and weave in her own attitude on how to live life to the fullest. Combined with a stylishly choreographed music video, the global concept was instantly brought to life in China.

Since the launch of the campaign, Pepsi has won in music and in the hearts of Chinese youth.