Marcos Santos, senior analyst, Sustainability - PepsiCo South America Foods and a PepsiCo Ambassador in Brazil (left), received the award at Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing - one of the top advertising and marketing universities in Brazil.
The first edition of the PepsiCo South America Foods "Sustainable Living Contest" was recently awarded the 10th annual Sustainability Marketing Best Award. The internal campaign encouraged associates to submit stories about their personal sustainable practices to benefit the planet, showing that each person is a protagonist of change.

The Sustainable Living Contest received 3,400 story submissions from PepsiCo South America Foods associates and nearly 14,000 votes from across 64 countries. Last month, a second edition of the contest was launched with the theme of climate change. The new contest encourages associates to submit stories about their practices in water conservation, energy saving, natural resource conservation, reduction in CO2 emissions and recycling.

Sustainability Marketing Best is an industry-recognized Brazilian award promoted by MadiaMundoMarketing, a consulting firm specializing in marketing, in partnership with Editora Referencia, a Brazilian publishing house. Launched in 2002, the award aims to recognize, stimulate and disseminate best practices in sustainable business activities.