The Ruffles brand today unveiled the cast of characters headlining its new marketing campaign, sure to make any 1970s action movie hero proud: Ruff McThickridge and his closest buds, BoDato, Mora Crunchy and the Bomb-Defusing Sloth. Building excitement for the introduction of the brand’s latest flavor, Ruffles Ultimate Tangy Honey Mustard, the comical campaign makes its debut in cinemas, online and on cable networks in the U.S.

Meet Ruffles' new "Ron Burgundy-meets-Burt Reynolds-meets-Clint Eastwood" character, and read more about the new campaign in Ad Age.

In recent years, Ruffles has honed in on millennial men as its core target -- starting with the development of flavors inspired by real foods guys love -- and this new campaign builds on that momentum.

The campaign will be supported by a robust digital component featuring more online content and behind-the-scenes “chip clips,” a Tumblr page full of GIFs and Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts starring Ruff McThickridge as himself. Ruff will even make real-world event appearances. More TV ads and content with Ruff and company will debut in 2014.