The Stacy’s brand this week launched its latest innovation, Stacy’s Bake Shop Bakery Crisps, in stores across the U.S.

“Consumers are looking for more premium snacking experiences, and our new Stacy’s Bake Shop line will deliver on that,” said Nicole Cavin, director of Marketing for Stacy’s. “We took cues from some of our favorite bakery treats in creating a collection of beautifully crafted, delicious, crispy snacks that can be enjoyed throughout the day.”

Stacy’s Bake Shop Bakery Crisps are made from bread that is twice baked to create a flavorful, crispy snack. They are available nationally in two sweet flavors -- Banana Nut and Vanilla Pound Cake -- and two savory flavors -- Pretzel Bread and Herbed Baguette. A third sweet flavor -- Lemon Poppy Seed -- is also available at select Sam’s Club stores for a limited time. The crisps are sold in a premium, re-closable boxed package that is perfect for the pantry.

Bake Shop Bakery Crisps can be enjoyed by themselves or with dips and toppings to accompany any snacking occasion. These versatile snacks are appropriate throughout the day, whether as a mid-morning snack with coffee or an end-of-day treat.

The products launched this spring in select club stores, with Lemon Poppy Seed available at Sam’s Club and Vanilla Pound Cake available at BJ’s Wholesale Club. The brand will support the broader retail launch with sampling, social media and eye-catching displays.