Advancing PepsiCo’s track record of sustainable products, the Alvalle brand of gazpachos and cold soups was recognized by France’s leading supermarket, Leclerc, to be part of its “responsible consumption” initiative. Tomato Farm

Leclerc evaluates products on 60 criteria, covering ingredients, manufacturing, transportation and packaging. Alvalle was particularly praised for the fact that 90 percent of the vegetables used to create

its products are grown within 200 kilometers of its Murcia production facility in Spain.

In addition, the brand was recognized for the eco-friendly transportation of its products, the nutritional profile of its soups and its links to local agriculture. PepsiCo has been working side by side with Murcia farmers for more than 10 years in order to grow and buy the best tomatoes, one of the main fresh ingredients used to make Alvalle products.