Hours before the start of the second presidential debate, the Cheetos brand announced that its unique (and entirely unscientific) electoral poll had predicted President Barack Obama would retain his seat as the U.S. "Commander in Cheese." The president's 3-by-4-foot one-of-a-kind Cheetos portrait claimed 57 percent of the nationwide vote versus former Gov. Mitt Romney's portrait, and likely gave the incumbent a burst of momentum at the debate.

Consumers voted in Chester Cheetah's first electoral poll for their favorite cheesy portrait made entirely from more than 2,000 individual Cheetos through the Cheetos Facebook Page. The Cheetos brand tapped renowned artist, Jason Baalman, to create the portraits -- a combined 100 hours of work -- based on recent Facebook profile images of each candidate. One "voter" for each candidate will also win the commemorative portraits themselves.