Last week, Lebedyansky, PepsiCo Russia juices, gave a playground to the children of Lipetsk, a town near the juice plant. 

The playground is decorated in bright colors to look like orchard leaves and fruit. Fruktovy Sad -- one of Lebedyanky's brands -- means "the fruit orchard" in Russian.

The construction and donation of this playground is one of several Fruktovy Sad playgrounds the company has built recently -- mostly in orphanages. 

"We are very grateful to Lebedyansky for this wonderful playground," said Alexey Tarasov, director, Lipetsk City Parks. "They really care for our local community."

"Fruktovy Sad's 'Who, If Not Me' initiative donates part of its revenue during the Christmas season to buy gifts for local community children," said Anna Galimova, brand manager. "For the past three years, Fruktovy Sad has given gifts to more than 13,000 children in the Lipetsk region."