Recently, Cynthia Trudell, PepsiCo’s executive vice president and chief HR officer, spoke to 125 STEM students from 11 countries across four continents at the first Global STEM Alliance Summit at the New York Academy of Sciences. The summit was the culmination of the students’ year-long participation in STEM education programs, including The Junior Academy of the New York Academy of Sciences, a PepsiCo-supported program which connects gifted high schoolers with scientists and STEM experts from around the world. Describing how STEM helps PepsiCo colleagues push past challenges and find solutions to complex issues, Cynthia -- who has an academic background in physical chemistry -- inspired students with her maxim to always ask “Why not?”. It’s a simple question, but one that can drive new product breakthroughs, create sustainable and efficient packaging solutions, and, more broadly, deliver on the company’s promise of Performance with Purpose.

See below for Cynthia’s take on five ways STEM is vital to PepsiCo’s success:PepsiCo STEM

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