Passover, one of the most widely-observed Jewish holidays, begins today, and Tropicana is offering 14 different kosher for Passover products. The brand was recently commended by Kosher Spirit magazine for its commitment to providing kosher options for the holiday.

Tropicana began producing Pure Premium certified kosher for Passover 20 years ago. In 2013, new kosher for Passover products include Tropicana Pure Premium with Calcium and Tropicana Pure Premium with different levels of pulp in packaging sizes ranging from 59 to 89 ounces. Kosher for Passover products are also available in recyclable PET packaging. Graphics on product packaging reflect the kosher for Passover nature of the products.

While kosher for Passover Tropicana Pure Premium orange juice was originally only distributed in the Northeast U.S., Tropicana now distributes kosher for Passover products nationally.

“Tropicana has been making delicious orange juice for more than 60 years -- and we’re really proud to bring consumers fresh tasting, high-quality 100 percent pure Florida orange juice all year long," said Mike Haycock, vice president, Operations - Tropicana. "Providing kosher juices for Passover is just another way that Tropicana tries to provide for our consumers’ needs."