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Ronald Schellekens

Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

At PepsiCo, we have long led the charge to advance diversity and engagement in our industry, from hiring the first all-Black sales team in the 1940s, to promoting the first African-American Vice President at a major company in 1962. While our history is strong, we know we have much work to do. Today, two of our biggest focus areas include reaching gender parity in management roles by 2025 and increasing U.S. Black managerial representation at PepsiCo as part of our $400+ million set of initiatives to advance racial equality.

An important part of advancing these commitments and building a workforce that reflects the consumers and communities we serve is being more transparent about our progress and sharing more frequent updates. The below Workforce Demographics report will be updated every six months to show how we’re progressing against our gender parity and U.S. Black managerial representation goals. While it’s clear there’s much more to do, I am confident that this increased transparency will build greater trust and accountability, and ensure our diversity journey continues to proceed with purpose and speed.


Ronald Schellekens
Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer


Striving for Gender Parity Globally

We’re committed to increasing our diversity and have set a global goal to reach gender parity in management roles by 2025.

“Sharing our Workforce Demographics report is crucial to advancing PepsiCo’s diversity goal. This report will serve as our guidepost as we continue to Raise the Bar on Talent and Diversity, and build a more inclusive, equitable environment for our associates.”

Tina Bigalke
Global Chief Diversity and Engagement Officer

U.S. Demographics

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Person of color combines all ethnicities except White and Non-disclosed.

Representation data for the Global and U.S. workforce is as of June 30, 2020. Board Diversity data is as of July 31, 2020. Ethnicity/Race categories use EEOC definitions. See PepsiCo’s EEO-1 report here. Percentages may not add up to 100% due to rounding. International is every country excluding U.S.

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