LIFEWTR is Truly a Work of Art

How do you launch a new brand into the already crowded bottled water market? The team behind LIFEWTR decided on an innovative approach that positioned the brand as a source of inspiration and hydration for consumers by featuring themed series of original works of art from emerging artists on the labels.

“Purposeful positioning” is how the team behind LIFEWTR sums it all up. “Insights tell us people don’t crave another water brand, they crave meaning,” says Olga Osminkina, vice president, hydration, Global Beverages Group. “Each label acts as a canvas to showcase an emerging artist’s work. We give consumers a reason to love us and talk about us, and ultimately eliminate any reasons for them to leave the brand.”

The team executed on this emotional element by creating design-forward, textured labels that rotate multiple times a year, with each series tied to a cultural anchor. This keeps the brand relevant and allows communications and real-world actions to deliver on the brand purpose.

For example, one series highlighted the importance of arts in education, another sparked a conversation around women in art, while yet another reframed the narrative around emerging fashion designers.

As a former elementary school teacher, North America Beverages Marketing Manager Jasmine Richards says Series 4: Arts in Education holds a special place in her heart. “I’ve seen firsthand how the arts and creativity have been given a backseat to other subjects,” she says. “For that reason, I was extremely proud to be a part of LIFEWTR’s campaign to #BringArtBacktoSchools – a commitment to put art back in the hands of one million students in 2018.”

I was extremely proud to be a part of LIFEWTR’s campaign to #BringArtBacktoSchools – a commitment to put art back in the hands of one million students in 2018.

Olga is also quick to mention that the creativity of the product goes beyond the packaging and program tie-ins. “Our water is also a work of art,” she says. “We’ve carefully crafted and enhanced our water with electrolytes. It’s also pH balanced, for preferred consumer taste. Our purpose carries credibly through to the product itself.”

The brand’s positioning has created a strong connection with consumers to deliver impressive sales growth, while its artful communications and activations have received more than 4 billion media impressions.

In recognition of the out-of-the-box thinking around LIFEWTR, and the swift execution surrounding its launch, the North America Beverages, Global Beverages Group and Design teams were recently awarded the PepsiCo 2018 Performance with Purpose Award for Innovation.

“In just over a year, North America Beverages launched a $200 million dollar brand that continues to grow, so it’s been an extremely strong showing for the brand and water category,” says Todd Kaplan, vice president, marketing, North America Beverages. “Having a clear purpose is what truly can set a brand apart from the crowd and engage with consumers. And so far, we’ve built great momentum with millennials and culturally curious individuals. We’re seeing strong trial and repeat purchase of the product, as well as high levels of brand engagement. Their response to LIFEWTR has been overwhelmingly positive.”

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