Global context

Economic well-being and respect for human rights are essential to a healthier relationship between people and food.

Today, hundreds of millions of people live in poverty, and significant economic disparities and gender inequalities persist around the world. As addressed in the UN Sustainable Development Goals, unemployment, particularly among youth, also remains a key global economic challenge. At the same time, employees' technical skills do not currently match employers' needs. In the agricultural sector, which employs one in three of the world's workers – over half of whom are women in some countries – working conditions remain difficult and incomes low.

PepsiCo seeks to address these societal issues by:

  • Developing and maintaining an exceptional talent base to grow our business and deliver superior long-term performance
  • Creating a workforce that reflects the diversity of our consumers and local communities, and encouraging our associates to incorporate their individual perspectives into their work
  • Ensuring the safety of our workplaces to sustain superior performance
  • Respecting human rights throughout our value chain

To learn more about the work we are doing in our PwP People Pillar, please refer to the following Environmental, Social & Governance Topics on our website: Gender ParityPay EquityTalentSupplier DiversityHuman Rights, and Workplace Health & Safety

Our Progress

PepsiCo is committed protecting and supporting the safety, health, professional development and human rights of our employees. By fostering a diverse and engaging culture – part of our company's proud history – promoting women's equal advancement, and offering policies and benefits for working caregivers, we continue to attract the talent base needed to grow our business. We also encourage our partners across the value chain to make similar commitments and we support their efforts to achieve their own People goals. 

PepsiCo has been named one of the World's Most Ethical Companies by Ethisphere® Institute for 12 consecutive years and was named among America's most JUST companies by Forbes and JUST Capital in 2017. 

In 2016, PepsiCo improved safety practices within our manufacturing operations while increasing the number of on-site health clinics and free wellness screenings. In addition, we continued to strengthen diversity across our company, including the representation of women and people of color. Finally, our support for human rights was extended to suppliers and their workers through our Supplier Code of Conduct training and through the continued growth of our Sustainable Farming Program.

View our 2017 Sustainability Report, 2025 Agenda and our Environmental, Social & Governance Topics to learn more about our progress in each of our People Pillar areas.

2025 Agenda

As a multinational company, global employer and volume buyer of commodities, ingredients, materials and services, PepsiCo has the capacity to influence employment and the rights of workers within our own company, in communities where we work and in our suppliers' businesses. We view our involvement in agriculture, in particular, as an opportunity to help raise growers' livelihoods and advance respect for farm workers' rights. This understanding informs our People goals, as you'll see in our 2025 Agenda.

As in all our sustainability efforts, we will continue to work with partners around the world to achieve our People goals while aiming to contribute to broader efforts in human rights, diversity and engagement and prosperity.

Key programs and partners: International Youth Foundation, China Women's Development Foundation, Diplomas Now

recent work

See below for examples of ways that we are laying the groundwork for a healthier future: