Next Generation Agriculture

PepsiCo update on Sustainability Agenda

Agriculture is the foundation of the food system and the root of PepsiCo’s business. To make our foods and beverages, we use more than 25 crops sourced across 60 countries, and support over a hundred thousand jobs in and throughout our agricultural supply chain. This scale and reach means the standards and practices that we employ and promote can influence the environmental, social, and economic impacts of agriculture around the world.

Our Next Generation Agriculture strategy aims to drive progress in making agriculture more resilient, intelligent and inclusive.

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Agriculture Goals

Next Generation Agriculture by the Numbers
Our Goal

Advance environmental, social and economic benefits to communities around the world by supporting practices and technologies that promote improved farmer livelihoods and agricultural resiliency.

Target Metrics
  • Achieve 100% sustainably-sourced* potato, whole corn, oats, oranges, palm oil and sugar cane by 2020
  • Achieve sustainably-sourced priority raw materials based on business needs by 2025

*“Sustainably sourced” refers to meeting the independently verified Social, Environmental and Economic principles of PepsiCo’s Sustainable Farming Program, enabling best practices and positive outcomes for farmers, communities and the planet. 

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