People & Prosperity

PepsiCo Goals on Sustainability

Around the world, people work every day to power the food system. From harvesting ingredients, to loading the truck for distribution, to placing an item on the store shelf, we rely on our farmers, our PepsiCo associates, our retail partners and many others each day to create and sell our globally-recognized products.

This means we have an interest in the success and well-being of our people. We are committed to advancing respect for human rights throughout our value chain, building diverse and inclusive workplaces and investing to promote shared prosperity in local communities where we live and work.

Our Stories

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People Goals

Human Rights by the Numbers
Our Goal

Advance respect for human rights by using PepsiCo's capabilities and scale.

Target Metrics
  • Drive fair and safe working conditions throughout our value chain and address our most salient human rights issues (i.e., Freedom of Association, Human Right to Water, Land Rights, Vulnerable Worker Groups, Working Hours and Wages, and Workplace Safety)
  • Extend the principles of our Supplier Code of Conduct to all of our franchisees and joint ventures by 2025
Diversity by the Numbers
Our Goal

Promote a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Target Metrics
  • Achieve gender parity by 2025 in management roles
  • Sustain our pay equity program
Prosperity by the Numbers
Our Goal

Increase the earnings potential of women to drive economic growth and increase food security.

Target Metrics
  • Invest $100 million by 2025 to provide 12.5 million women with essential resources for workforce readiness and in programs that empower women in the food system and farming
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