Positive Water Impact

PepsiCo Goals on Sustainability

Water is fundamental to our food system and to PepsiCo’s business. It nourishes the crops used to make our products, is the main ingredient in many of our beverages and an integral component of our manufacturing operations. But in some regions water is scarce, and climate change is worsening pressures on water resources around the globe. Estimates indicate that by 2025, two-thirds of the world’s population will live in water-stressed regions.

As well as taking action in our own value chain, we aim to use our expertise and influence to advocate for the local policies and practices that can protect and replenish watersheds.

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Water Goals

Positive Water Impact by the Numbers
Our Goal

Drive water security to assure business continuity while positively contributing to communities.

Target Metrics
  • In high water-risk areas, by 2025:
    • Improve water use efficiency by 15% in our agricultural supply chain (focused on corn and potatoes) (2015 baseline)
    • Improve operational water use efficiency by 25% (2015 baseline)
    • Replenish 100% of the water we consume in manufacturing operations
    • Adopt the Alliance for Water Stewardship standard as our vehicle for water advocacy
  • Deliver safe water access to 25 million people by 2025
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