Tropicana Turns Storm Water into Savings

A Tropicana plant implements a groundbreaking water recycling system in its operations.

Did You Know?

Since its official launch, the Fort Pierce storm water-recycling project has saved more than 8.5 million gallons of drinking water.

PepsiCo Wins Walmart Supplier of the Year Award

PepsiCo’s largest global partner, Walmart, presented the company with its U.S. Supplier of the Year

Cheetos® Sweetos

This sweet new offering takes the spring snacking experience beyond chocolate bunnies and marshmallo

PepsiCo Partners: Columbia Water Center

Through the PepsiCo Foundation, PepsiCo has identified projects and partners that help provide safe

Meeting of the Minds

PepsiCo is kicking off a unique new contest that gives college students a chance to meet the company

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There’s only one way to introduce new @RoldGold Pretzel Cracker Creamy Fudge Sandwiches. With a pretzel pop ballad.  View Video


Congratulations to Jake Bunger, the winner of Meeting of the Minds. See his career-changing pitch here:  Visit Site


The remarkable achievements of our associates worldwide demonstrate that people truly are the heart of PepsiCo.  View Video

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