PEPSI® Debuts Pep's Place - A Fast Beverage Restaurant Where the Cola Comes First - As Part of Larger Initiative To Showcase How Your Favorite Foods Go Better with Pepsi

PURCHASE, N.Y., May 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Few things are more agreed upon than our collective, unapologetic love of food. Cheesy, juicy, or saucy, so many of our favorite eats are enhanced when paired with an ice-cold Pepsi Cola. To reinforce this, the Pepsi brand is upending what we expect of the food delivery world, with today's launch of Pep's Place, where the cola comes first. This inventive fast beverage restaurant turns the traditional ordering process on its head. Consumers are invited to first pick their Pepsi beverage of choice, which then prompts curated food items based on that beverage, to enhance the overall meal experience. Pep's Place opens today in select locations around the country for delivery only available through and major food aggregators (Uber Eats, Door Dash and Grub Hub).

Pep's Place Menu

Looking for the bold cola profile and lemony citrus notes of Pepsi Zero Sugar? It pairs gracefully with our crisp and tangy Chicken Caesar Salad. Craving a tropical splash of Pepsi Mango? The fruity and floral notes complement the perfect blend of mild chiles found in our buffalo wing sauce. How to order:

  • Step 1:  Select from a bevy of Pepsi beverages: Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Pepsi Zero Sugar, Pepsi Real Sugar, Pepsi Wild Cherry, Pepsi Zero Sugar Wild Cherry, Pepsi Mango and Pepsi Zero Sugar Mango.
  • Step 2:  Choose from a menu curated with mouthwatering food pairings for your cola choice: cheeseburgers, buffalo wings, Cajun chicken sandwiches, chopped pork sandwiches, spare ribs, chicken caesar salads, and more.
  • Step 3:  Fill out the meal with delectable sides, including mac and cheese, broccoli and Lay's chips.

Pep's Place will be open every day for the next 30 days, giving customers ample opportunity to see for themselves that food is Better with Pepsi.

"For years we have known that Pepsi is the perfect complement to a variety of foods.  But even though consumers know that food tastes Better With Pepsi, they often still forget to order a beverage with their favorite meals," said Todd Kaplan, Vice President of Marketing – Pepsi.  "With the launch of Pep's Place, we have designed a new 'fast beverage' restaurant delivery concept that features a menu and experience literally built around the idea of what foods go best with Pepsi, allowing consumers at home to fully optimize their meals. We are confident that by doing this, everyone will agree – and taste firsthand – how well Pepsi goes with their favorite foods."

Better with Pepsi

The Better with Pepsi creative campaign debuts today with eight new national commercials. The spots do away with unrealistic, idealistic perfection positioning of food and instead spotlight the celebration of unapologetic love of foods like juicy, drippy cheeseburgers, topping-heavy hot dogs and pizzas with the extra-long cheese pull.

Better with Pepsi will also have a slate of Spanish language commercials, celebrating food's role as a unifier in the Hispanic community and at home. Better with Pepsi is more than just a tagline for the brand; it is an unapologetic reinforcement of how consumers enjoy Pepsi every day. Stay tuned in the coming weeks as Pepsi rolls out even more consumer-facing experiences, point of sale displays, activations and more to give everyone the chance to see firsthand how their favorite meal goes Better with Pepsi.

To find the Pep's Place nearest you, check for additional details.

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