PepsiCo Launches Reusable Packaging Pilot for Tropicana Orange Juice and Quaker Cruesli in Paris

[15 May 2019 @9.30am CST, Paris] PepsiCo will now be offering Paris consumers two of their favourite brands, Tropicana Orange Juice and Quaker Cruesli Chocolat Noir, in reusable containers, as part of a market trial of the new shopping platform, Loop, operated by the global recycling organisation, Terracycle.  The involvement in Loop builds on PepsiCo’s sustainable packaging vision to create a world where packaging need never become waste, providing consumers with a convenient way to enjoy its products, while reducing impact on the planet.

From 15 May, consumers in the Paris metro area can visit the Loop online store  ( and place an order for Tropicana Orange Juice and Quaker Cruesli, alongside other household products.  The order is then delivered direct to their doorstep and when they are finished with the product, the reusable containers are collected, professionally cleaned and can be redelivered.  Loop is the first ever service to offer major brands in reusable and returnable packaging and PepsiCo was announced at the World Economic Forum in Davos as a key founding partner.

EU - Loop Tropicana Quaker Camille J Thumbnail| PepsiCoBruno Thevenin, General Manager, PepsiCo France commented: “The Loop system really is about testing a possible model for reinventing packaging, which is a key area of focus for PepsiCo as we look to reduce, reuse and rethink our plastic packaging.  Loop is exciting because it overcomes some of the challenges of reusable containers, making them more convenient and conducive to modern living.  During the trial we hope to gain valuable insights into how consumers adopt Loop and to understand what is needed to make this a long-term and mainstream solution that could help reduce packaging waste and make a meaningful change in how people interact with our products.”

The containers developed by PepsiCo for Loop have been designed for durability to ensure they are suitable for multiple re-orders, while the attractive packaging also means they can be out on display and blend into any environment, whether in the kitchen or on the breakfast table.  The Quaker containers are stainless steel and finished with a brushed effect and a friction fit push-on closure to retain product freshness. Tropicana Orange Juice will be packaged in a sleek glass bottle.

Anne-Sophie Carrier, Director of the Nutrition Division of PepsiCo France commented:

“We wanted to commit ourselves to this trial with two of our most popular purposeful brands in France; Quaker Cruesli is one of the leading granola brands in the French market, with Chocolate being the most popular. Tropicana is one of the leading juice brands in France and has long had a reputation for pioneering innovation. We are excited to see the reception from Paris consumers as we bring Tropicana and Quaker to them in this new way.”

Through both internal efforts and also external collaboration and partnerships, PepsiCo is committed to transforming the sustainability of our packaging.  In addition to goals such as striving to design all of our packaging to be recyclable, compostable or biodegradable by 2025, PepsiCo is also looking at ways to reimagine packaging through our Beyond the Bottle strategy and the recent acquisition of SodaStream, is part of this approach.  PepsiCo is also working to develop a circular economy for packaging and last year the company announced its ambition to include 50% recycled content in all plastic beverage bottles in the European Union by 2030, with an interim target of 45% by 2025.  Recent investments, such as the announcement last month in French based recycling technology company Carbios, are helping to support the increased availability of high-quality recycled plastics and further the company’s sustainability goal progress.

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