Beneficial Shareholders

You are a Beneficial Shareholder if you maintain your position in the Company within a brokerage account. For information, contact your brokerage firm.

Registered Shareholders

Interested investors can make their initial purchase directly through Computershare Inc. the transfer agent for PepsiCo and Administrator for the Direct Stock Purchase Plan. Please contact our transfer agent Computershare Inc. for more information.

P.O. Box:
Computershare Inc.
P.O. Box 43006
Providence RI 02940-3006

Overnight mailing:
Computershare Inc.
150 Royall St., Suite 101
Canton, MA 02021

Telephone: 800-226-0083
201-680-6578 (outside the U.S.)


Other services include dividend reinvestment, direct deposit of dividends, optional cash investments by electronic funds transfer or check drawn on a U.S. bank, sale of shares, online account access and electronic delivery of shareholder materials. In all correspondence or telephone inquiries, existing registered shareholders should mention PepsiCo, the name in which your shares are registered, your holder ID, your address and your telephone number.

PepsiCo Investor Relations


Associate Benefit Plan Participants

PepsiCo 401(k) Plan
The PepsiCo Savings & Retirement Center at Fidelity
P.O. Box 770003 Cincinnati, OH 45277-0065

Telephone: 800-632-2014
Overseas: Dial your country’s AT&T
Access Number + 800-632-2014. In the U.S., access numbers are available by calling 800-331-1140.


PepsiCo Stock Purchase Program

Fidelity Investments
P.O. Box 770001 Cincinnati, OH 45277-0002

Telephone: 800-632-2014


Please have a copy of your most recent statement available when calling with inquiries.

Long-Term Incentive Plan Participants

Associates who received Long-Term Incentive awards should address all questions regarding your account, including outstanding options or shares received through option exercises or vesting event to:

Morgan Stanley
Global Stock Plan Services
P.O. Box 182616
Columbus OH 43218-2616

Telephone: 1-844-4-PEP-LTI (U.S. and Canada)
1-614-414-8060 (all other locations)


For locations outside the U.S. and Canada, visit the AT&T Direct Toll Free Access Codes website to find the appropriate access code for your country or use the Toll Phone Number: 1-614-414-8060.

Representatives are available 24 hours a day, Monday – Friday.

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