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Innovative foodservice

If you’ve been drawn to the glowing sign of the Pepsi Lounge at a baseball stadium, plucked a Frappuccino from your office cooler or filled up from a PepsiCo fountain at your favorite restaurant, you’ve gotten a glimpse of the PepsiCo foodservice landscape. Just about anywhere, and on any occasion, we’re there when people crave their favorite drinks and snacks.


Our approach

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We’re committed to helping our partners create a competitive advantage

We do this by providing not only our full lineup of food and drinks, but also our decades of experience — and ,yes, even some of our trade secrets. How we get it done:

  • Our unparalleled portfolio of food and beverage brands that consumers know, love and trust
  • Exclusive consumer insights that help businesses make profitable and smart decisions
  • Innovative, top-of-the-line equipment and service
  • World-class marketing that attracts consumers — and their loyalty


Our Innovations

SodaStream Professional

Water cooler conversations take on new meaning with the SodaStream Professional - mainly because small talk inevitably turns to how it's cutting down on single-use plastics at the office, making sustainability more than a buzzword. You can fill your reusable bottle with still or sparkling water and customize with a variety of flavors and temperatures - and even keep track of your hydration through a connected app.


PepsiCo FlavorWorks is an ever-growing recipe collection that reimagines our products in creative, tasty new ways to inspire our foodservice partners — and it’s been known to spark some rather creative ideas from food bloggers too. See Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Elote on the Cob for reference. But don’t just look at it — try it!

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Hello Goodness

We call Hello Goodness the future of convenience — but from great equipment and design to a healthy portfolio of snacks and drinks, it’s a future that has already arrived. The modern, easy-to-use vending machine has dual climate-control shelving and displays nutritional information and recommended food-and-drink pairings on its digital touch screen. And the market center rack makes it easy to grab and go. Late-afternoon snack cravings are suddenly so much easier to manage.

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Pepsi Spire

Pepsi Spire is the dream machine for the people who can’t fill up at a soda fountain without mixing at least two flavors. (You know who you are.) With Pepsi Spire, you get a fountain dispenser that can create up to a thousand drink combinations. It’s so much fun to customize drinks that moviegoers look forward to the slow parts so they can head to the lobby for a refill.

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Viva Sol Aguas Frescas

From cinnamon-spiked Horchata to tart Tamarindo to the coconut-pineapple pairing of Piña Colada, Viva Sol Aguas Frescas brings the rapidly growing aguas frescas drinks category to our PepsiCo partners. A modern twist on traditional Latin American flavors, Viva Sol drinks will be nostalgic for some and brand-new for others. We’re just excited to make them available to all.

SodaStream Professional
Hello Goodness
Pepsi Spire
Viva Sol Aguas Frescas


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PepsiCo Digital Labs

Every day there are new digital opportunities in the foodservice industry, and we’ve teamed up with the biggest brains in the industry to bring them to you. Through our extensive research and partnerships, PepsiCo Foodservice Digital Labs will help you tackle the toughest challenges in serving consumers in this digital world by providing:

  • Online playbooks
  • Promotional offers
  • To-go ideas
  • Digital resources
  • Product imagery

And much more!

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PepsiCo Partners is an easy-to-use online platform where business customers can search for products, schedule orders in advance, review recent orders and get updates about promotions. Want marketing resources or equipment service repair? That’s here, too.

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Pepsi Dig In

Pepsi Dig In is on a mission to support current and aspiring Black foodservice entrepreneurs by harnessing the resources of PepsiCo and our partners. The initiative aims to generate at least $100 million in sales for Black-owned restaurants over the next five years and provide valuable resources to help them thrive.

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