LAY'S® Kettle Cooked RUFFLES® All Dressed Brings Flavors of the Great White North to LAY'S® FLAVOR SWAP® Fan Favorites

Canadian favorite joins lineup of flavor mashups, including Lay's® Cheetos® Cheese flavored, Lay's® Doritos® Cool Ranch® flavored and Lay's® Wavy Funyuns® Onion flavored as latest Flavor Swap® variety

PLANO, Texas, Aug. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Since 2021, Lay's Flavor Swap potato chips have brought unexpected yet unforgettable twists to fan-favorite Frito-Lay chips, bringing smiles to snackers everywhere. Now, Lay's is introducing Lay's Kettle Cooked Ruffles All Dressed flavored potato chips. Inspired by the number one Ruffles chip flavor in Canada, Ruffles All Dressed, the new mashup with Lay's Kettle Cooked potato chips creates an extraordinary new flavor experience certain to be an instant international sensation.

The Ruffles All Dressed potato chip flavor first captured Americans' hearts and stomachs with its U.S. debut in 2015 before leaving shelves in 2021. This summer, Lay's is reviving the popular seasoning in a fusion between Lay's Kettle Cooked and Ruffles in a chip that offers a tangy, savory and sweet flavor experience all in one bite that will surprise and delight American and Canadian snackers alike.

"Lay's is the authority in flavor innovation, with groundbreaking flavors found in the Lay's Flavor Swap program among those leading the charge in bringing joy to our fans," said Tina Mahal, senior vice president of marketing, Frito-Lay North America. "With Lay's Kettle Cooked Ruffles All Dressed flavored potato chips, we found a new way to connect with consumers by listening to what they wanted to see from us – bringing back Ruffles All Dressed – while adding a fresh spin with Lay's Kettle Cooked."

Along with the new flavor, Lay's is reprising some hits from Flavor Swap's past to bring joy to the ultimate snackers:

  • LAY'S CHEETOS Cheese flavored: What happens when the cheesiness of Cheetos snacks meets the delicious crispiness of Lay's potato chips? Open the bag and find out.
  • LAY'S DORITOS COOL RANCH flavored: Ever wondered what Doritos Cool Ranch flavor would taste like on Lay's potato chips? Saddle up because Lay's put this iconic Doritos flavor on its iconic potato chips.
  • LAY'S WAVY FUNYUNS Onion flavored: Who said you needed rings to have fun? Get the flavor of Funyuns rings now on Lay's Wavy potato chips – for good!

Starting this month, the four Flavor Swap flavors will be available at retailers nationwide. Lay's Cheetos Cheese and Lay's Doritos Cool Ranch can be found in 7.75 oz bags, with Lay's Kettle Cooked Ruffles All Dressed available in 8 oz bags and Lay's Wavy Funyuns Onion in 7.5 oz bags for $4.79. Lay's Cheetos Cheese and Lay's Doritos Cool Ranch can also be found in smaller 2.625 oz bags, along with Lay's Kettle Cooked All Dressed, available in a 2.5 oz bag for $2.49.

Lay's Cheetos Cheese, Lay's Doritos Cool Ranch and Lay's Kettle Cooked Ruffles All Dressed flavored potato chips will be available while supplies last and Lay's Wavy Funyuns Onion flavored potato chips are here to stay.

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