Lay's Launches New Brand Platform "No Lay's, No Game" with Global Football Icon Thierry Henry in celebration of UEFA Champions League Tournament

Henry brings the new brand philosophy to life with "Thierry Visits", a surprising video experience with Barcelona football fans that shows just how unthinkable the football experience is without Lay's!

NEW YORK, Feb. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Watching football with your friends is good, but watching football with friends and Lay's is even better. To celebrate the countdown to crunch time in the 2022-2023 UEFA Champions League (UCL) tournament, today Lay's brought global football icon Thierry Henry to the doorsteps of Barcelona's most dedicated football fans to announce the "No Lay's No Game" platform – a campaign that surprises fans and confirms that the football watching experience is not only elevated but simply unthinkable without Lay's.  

"No Lay's, No Game" is a platform that honors nearly a decade of partnership between the world's favorite chip brand and the UEFA Champions League because there's nothing better than watching a football match at stadiums, at home, or out with friends while sharing a bag of Lay's. Real fans understand that intense matches require the perfect viewing experience. Every second, shot and snack can impact the game's outcome. With stakes this high, "No Lay's, No Game" seeks to ensure football fans across the globe know that Lay's has been absolutely essential and there to bring the fun, excitement, and taste to every unexpected, high intensity moment the sport has given us all throughout the years. It's unthinkable to watch football without Lay's. No Lays, No Game.

Speaking on the "No Lay's, No Game" platform, PepsiCo's Vice-President of Marketing, Global Food Brands, Ciara Dilley, said: "As the official snack partner of the UEFA Champions League, we understand that a huge part of football culture is the camaraderie created through sharing the experience with friends and the most anticipated guest at the party is always the perfect snack…Lay's Potato Chips. For years, our chips have been an integral part of the football experience, adding to and fueling the passion and intensity fans show for this beautiful game. Without Lay's, there is no game. We are so proud to enlist a legend like Thierry Henry to help football fans across the globe build bonds and to serve as the only snack that makes the game complete. It's unthinkable to watch football without Lay's."

How unthinkable? To launch "No Lay's, No Game" the brand partnered with FIFA World Cup France 1998 Champion, Two-Time Premier League Champion, Three-Time FA Cup Winner and 2009 UEFA Champions League Winner, Thierry Henry to make sure fans were match-day ready with their Lay's.

In this video titled, "Thierry Visits" Henry kicks-off "No Lay's, No Game" in a very literal way. The Arsenal and FC Barcelona legend unexpectedly visited Barça fans at their homes to see if they were prepared for the game with plenty of Lay's chips. If they were, the surprising, superstar striker stayed to watch the match, but if they were Lay's-less, he left in search of supporters who were whistle ready.

"I've had the privilege of playing all over the world and have lifted many trophies in front of millions of amazing supporters," said Thierry Henry. "None of that prepared them for the utter surprise of me knocking on their doors to watch a match together if they had Lay's crisps. It was especially meaningful to do so in Barcelona where I have so many fans from our 2009 UCL Championship. Partnering with Lay's to kick-off "No Lay's, No Game" was all about connecting with the fans and communities that are so dedicated to this amazing game. I had a blast creating this experience with Lay's and my fans who mean so much to me. I hope I helped to ensure that football fans always know that it is unthinkable to watch the big match without Lay's. So, stay ready…you never know when who will pop up next!"

Lay's commitment to football extends beyond football watching and door-knocking stunts, though. The brand's Lay's RePlay program helps underserved communities have the access to play the game they love. The award-winning program transforms empty chips bags into football pitches across the globe. Since the first Lay's RePlay pitch launched in 2021, the initiative has provided over 5,000 hours of programming, positively impacting nearly 50,000 community members.

Later this year, Lay's is opening multiple new pitches worldwide to enable more inclusion, access and joy to young footballers who might dream to one day compete in the UEFA Champions League. Thanks to Lay's, even more games will be played, forming even more bonds, and building stronger communities for those who deserve it the most.

Throughout the remainder of the 2022-2023 Men's and Women's UEFA Champions League tournaments, fans should look out for more exciting and unexpected moments from the "No Lay's, No Game" platform including: even more football superstar surprises, engaging digital content, pitches built around the world, in-store and on special-edition packaging, and one GOAT-filled commercial.  You never know who might show up and ask if you have Lay's!

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