Rockstar Energy® Press Play on 2024 with bold new visual identity

The energy drink brand unveils a new and distinctive visual identity system in key markets across the world. The vibrant design is tailored for those who live in the moment, doing the things they love, and it marks the first move of the year for the Press Play platform.

NEW YORK, Feb. 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Rockstar Energy® kicks off the new year with a dynamic new look and feel as the brand unveils the latest refresh of its visual identity across the full product range. Infused with a burst of bold colours and flavours, Rockstar's new visual identity comes as part of the wider 'Press Play' platform launched last year, fuelling fans to say yes to the things they love to do.

Rockstar Press Play New Visual Identity Launch

Injected with a boost of energy, the new visual identity, designed in-house by PepsiCo Design + Innovation, aims for greater accessibility and inclusivity by differentiating from traditional energy drink norms. Rockstar seeks to resonate with a broader audience of energy drink consumers by adopting a new flavour-forward look and feel. Departing from the previous design, the new look maintains the iconic star logo while introducing simplicity and a universal appeal, catering to a broader, more modern audience of energy drink enthusiasts across the portfolio. 

Marie-Therese Cassidy, Vice President of Design, Europe, commented: "Through our newly crafted visual identity system for Rockstar, we've infused the brand with confidence and distinctiveness. Each touchpoint of the brand now revolves around the bold 'Press Play' platform, urging Rockstar enthusiasts to embrace new experiences and press play on the things they love. By seamlessly merging our iconic gold star with the refreshed Rockstar wordmark, we've made a lasting impact both on and off the shelf. Additionally, our team has introduced a vibrant repeating star shape, providing a visual gateway into Rockstar's diverse world of flavours and experiences."

The revamped look and feel signify Rockstar's first visual refresh in over four years. Since its acquisition by PepsiCo in 2020, the brand has transitioned and progressed into a lively, vibrant, and refreshing aesthetic. This evolution mirrors Rockstar Energy's progressive approach to continuously evolve the brand to appeal to more diverse and modern energy drink fans.

Bart LaCount, Vice President of International Beverages Marketing at PepsiCo added: "Since acquiring the brand, we've stayed committed to adopting a forward-thinking, innovative approach – evolving our appeal for a wider, and more modern audience. The launch of the "Press Play" platform in 2023 was just the start in a series of initiatives aimed at encouraging our fans and many more across the world to "Press Play" throughout the year. We're excited for what 2024 has in store and we can't wait to host more incredible events and activities under the "Press Play" platform".

Rockstar Energy's new visual identity debuts in the UK, Poland and Germany this January 2024, with subsequent launches throughout the year. The fresh look will extend across all international Rockstar Energy flavours in multi-touchpoint campaigns, and anywhere else you find Rockstar from January 2024 onwards.

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