June 29, 2022  

Creating a safe haven for Ukrainian associates

PepsiCo Poland teams have transformed Warsaw HQ into the "PepsiCo Hotel” for Ukrainian associates & their families.

As people fled the deadly conflict in Ukraine, PepsiCo associates in Poland saw there was an urgent need to support their colleagues. In just four days, PepsiCo’s office in Warsaw Poland was converted into temporary housing for Ukrainian associates and their families. Known as the “PepsiCo Hotel,” over 150 people found accommodations and support there.

“I came with my family, with my daughter and two grandchildren,” says Tatiana Kramchenko, the mother of Ukrainian associate Julia Sidorenko. “We decided to leave Ukraine overnight. We collected just a few things and left. When we arrived in Poland we were very well received, people treat us very well and we are very grateful to people for that.”

Two of the floors that were once filled with desks and office chairs were home to 90 beds, couches and play areas for children as well as a laundry and kitchen facility. Families were also provided with other necessities during their stay, including clothing, shoes, blankets and more.

And the assistance continued even after Ukrainian associates left the PepsiCo Hotel as associates worked to locate more permanent residences and relocation resources. “My whole team is working to support our colleagues in Ukraine finding jobs so that they can live here to function and just cope in the long term,” says Agata Shen, HR Director PepsiCo Poland. “What we do now at PepsiCo Poland is something very special. Something that doesn’t happen in every company.”

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