February 07, 2022  

How one PepsiCo associate is inspiring teammates with messages of positivity

Myron Denson is creating and sharing motivational videos to pass on inspiration, encouragement and safety tips that keep his colleagues smiling.

Myron Denson wanted to find a way to uplift his teammates. So early one morning last April, he set up his phone in a parking lot, queued up a catchy old-school hip-hop beat and hit record on his camera. He dipped his shoulders from side to side, bellowed, “Good morning! Good morning! Good morning!” and turned a safety gear checklist into a rhythmic jingle: “Face mask, gloves and knee pads.” He then closed out the 17-second clip with a joyful, “Hope y’all have a great day!”

The Customer Service Specialist posted his video to Yammer and has shared dozens more in the nine months since — all in the name of motivating, inspiring and recognizing his team. “I thought if recording videos makes me feel good, maybe it will make other people feel good, too,” says Myron, who manages the inventory of PepsiCo products at a Walmart and a Fry’s Food Store in Tucson, Arizona.

The exuberant messages have become a fixture in his division’s Yammer channel, where they’re viewed widely. They’ve even been shared by PepsiCo Foods North America CEO Steven Williams. “I feel like people respond to my positive energy,” Myron says.

He brings that energy to work with him every day. Myron takes tremendous pride in keeping store shelves stocked and building eye-catching displays, but there’s no part of his job that he loves more than being able to connect with customers — some of whom seek him out to say hello every time they come to shop. “They might be having a bad day,” Myron says. “Taking 10 seconds to smile and say, ‘Good morning, is there anything I can help you with?’ might make them feel 10 times better.”

I thought if recording videos makes me feel good, maybe it will make other people feel good, too.

Uplifting those around him comes naturally to Myron. He plays upbeat pop songs and delivers impassioned pep talks to his kids on the drive to school “so I can look in the rearview mirror and see that they’re ready,” he says. Myron rallies his team in group chats with daily mood boosters. “I just love giving people motivation,” Myron says, and capturing his messages on video was a logical evolution — he loves to be on camera and has even entertained the idea of hosting his own talk show one day.

One of the reasons his videos are so engaging is his off-the-cuff, conversational style. “I don’t plan anything out,” Myron says, laughing. He likes to kick off the week with a Monday reminder for teammates to take care of their mental and physical wellbeing — especially during busy times like the lead-up to this month’s Super Bowl. He often posts videos on Friday, too, to encourage people to feel proud of what they accomplished during the week. But the overarching theme is always the same: “Stay focused. Stay positive. Stay motivated,” Myron says. “Work hard and push yourself to achieve your goals.”

Myron Denson records a video for his coworkers

Myron Denson records a motivational video for his teammates.

Posting those videos is how Myron celebrates success and rallies others to do the same. “I feel like I’m creating a positive and supportive work environment,” he says. “I’m helping people to understand that every day will not be perfect. You will face challenges. But if you wake up with the right attitude and push yourself, today can be better than yesterday.” And Myron says taking the time to acknowledge those wins — no matter how big or small — is important.

He's heeding his own advice. Myron has received many supportive comments because of his videos, including one from a PepsiCo associate who told him that watching those messages of positivity on Yammer helped him get through a difficult time in his personal life. That, to Myron, is success worth celebrating. “I guess I really have been inspiring people,” he says. “And that just pushes me to do more.”