Calling all BAJA fans: MTN DEW® BAJA BLAST® turns 20 and is now officially here all year!

In honor of the 20th BAJAVERSARY, MTN DEW BAJA BLAST is marking the occasion by kicking off a series of epic celebrations, including the iconic flavor's first Super Bowl commercial

PURCHASE, N.Y., Jan. 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Kicking off a new year always calls for celebration, but this year MTN DEW is taking it to another level. The Taco Bell® fan-favorite, MTN DEW BAJA BLAST, is officially turning 20 years old and to celebrate this momentous BAJAVERSARY, the brand is giving fans what they deserve: a full year of MTN DEW BAJA BLAST celebrations and the chance to buy their favorite flavor not only at Taco Bell, but also in bottles and cans all-year in 2024 in stores nationwide for the first time.

"MTN DEW BAJA BLAST has cemented its place as a fan-favorite flavor in pop culture and as a staple in countless Taco Bell orders, so we knew we had to celebrate its 20th anniversary in a big way. Nothing's better than giving fans what they've asked for, with a few additional surprises to keep the celebration going all year long," said JP Bittencourt, Vice President of Marketing at MTN DEW. "Thank you to all the BAJA BLAST lovers over the last 20 years. Because of you, everyone nationwide can now buy the beloved flavor in-stores and as always, at Taco Bell, all year long and earn rewards while doing so... that's a win-win."

A milestone as important as the 20th BAJAVERSARY deserves equally epic celebrations and MTN DEW is bringing its fans along for the ride – with an ice-cold BAJA BLAST in hand. In a promotion sponsored by MTN DEW, fans have a chance to earn rewards just for enjoying a BAJA BLAST, no matter where they Do the DEW. With every purchase of BAJA BLAST and BAJA BLAST ZERO SUGAR, both in stores and at participating Taco Bell locations, consumers can scan to collect coins for a chance to redeem BAJA gear, accessories, electronics, a Taco Bell deal, and more at the BAJA BLAST Shop at Terms apply.

"Taco Bell and MTN DEW BAJA BLAST have become an iconic duo satisfying the cravings of our fans for the past 20 years, and it's been an extraordinary journey," said Taylor Montgomery, Chief Marketing Officer at Taco Bell. "As we embark on this BAJAVERSARY celebration with our friends at MTN DEW, we look forward to providing our loyal fans with more epic experiences and rewards to continue fueling their love for MTN DEW BAJA BLAST!"

But that's not all…while MTN DEW BAJA BLAST is a cult-favorite amongst many fans, there are still some who have yet to taste its legendary Tropical Lime flavor. So, to deepen its fandom and further drum up excitement nationwide, MTN DEW BAJA BLAST will make its first-ever onscreen appearance during the biggest game of the year…Super Bowl LVIII!

To learn more about our BAJAVERSARY and upcoming celebrations on and off the big screen, check out and follow @MountainDew on Instagram, X, and TikTok.

Get your hands on MTN DEW BAJA BLAST and MTN DEW BAJA BLAST ZERO SUGAR in stores everywhere beginning January 2024.

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