Rockstar® Energy Drink breaks through energy category with new scientific claim for sustained mind-body energy

Brand introduces new campaign "You Can Own Any Moment" to showcase how Rockstar Energy Drink formulas deliver lasting energy for mind and body, for up to 5 hours

PURCHASE, N.Y., Feb. 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Rockstar Energy Drink is launching its latest campaign, "You Can Own Any Moment," which brings to light how having the right kind of energy allows consumers to be the best version of themselves. The campaign is backed by a new claim that supports the brand's goal of meeting consumers' need for an energy drink that delivers sustained mind-body energy.

Rockstar Energy Drink introduces new “You Can Own Any Moment” campaign

Rockstar Energy Drink introduces new “You Can Own Any Moment” campaign

The new science-based claim was the result of a best-in-class clinical study in which the brand tested their proprietary Rockstar Energy formulas with nearly 80 individuals, measuring caffeine metabolism and evaluating consumer's physical and mental energy levels over a period of 12 hours. Combining these two measurements created a holistic picture of the benefits of Rockstar Energy. Results from this study validated that its formulas with at least 160mg of caffeine optimally deliver the function and benefit that consumers desire – steady energy for both their mind and body for up to 5 hours. This campaign is being announced on the heels of the brand's new line of energy drinks, Rockstar Focus, which launched in late January and was developed to give consumers a drink that delivers energy and a mental boost.

"At Rockstar Energy, we took a scientific approach to understand all the elements of 'sustained mind-body energy' and have learned through our research study that our Rockstar formula delivers a consistent, stable energy for up to 5 hours where alertness was increased and tiredness was reduced," said Danielle Barbaro, Vice President R&D at PepsiCo Beverages North America. "We heard from consumers that rollercoaster energy was not for them, so we put our formula through rigorous testing to prove that Rockstar delivers a sustained energy for mind and body. We now have robust data that validates our formula is a perfect solution to address what consumers are longing for."

To showcase this concept of utilizing sustained energy, Rockstar Energy is also unveiling its new "You Can Own Any Moment" ad spot, which can be viewed HERE. The long-form ad spot depicts how being able to harness the right energy is everything. Whether morning or evening, what you're doing and what's next, where you are and where you're going – having the right energy allows you to be the best version of yourself.  

"The result of this scientific study is a huge win for us as a brand, and our goal is to educate our fans about the importance of sustained energy so they can access and optimize every version of themselves," said Fabiola Torres, PepsiCo General Manager and Chief Marketing Officer of the Energy Category. "Our team looks forward to continuing to amplify the 'You Can Own Any Moment' campaign in the coming months, further showcasing how the right kind of energy can support both the mind and body, and truly allow you to conquer anything."

Timed with the campaign, PepsiCo refreshed the brand's visual identity and designed a unique iconography system that communicates its product benefits of sustained energy for the mind and body, as well as icons for caffeine content, electrolytes, and more. The team tapped into the brand's roots with an enlivened color palette and energetic photography. The result is a visual boost to the senses and an educational opportunity on the benefits of Rockstar Energy.  

To learn more about the "You Can Own Any Moment" campaign, including new Rockstar Focus, visit

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