Racial Equality Journey

Our Racial Equality Journey

Building a better, more diverse and inclusive workplace takes more than just a promise

In 2020, we announced our Racial Equality Journey (REJ) Initiative, which is investing more than $570 million over five years to increase Black and Hispanic representation at PepsiCo and in our partnerships and supply chain. We are also committed to helping dismantle systemic barriers in Black and Hispanic American communities.

It’s a journey that we’ve just begun, and in working together, we are committed to effecting meaningful change.

The Black Initiative

The Black Initiative within our REJ is an investment of more than $400 million to increase Black representation at PepsiCo, support Black businesses and empower Black communities.

Breakdown of Black Initiative commitments & progress updates
PepsiCo employee at work
PepsiCo employee at the office

The Hispanic Initiative

The Hispanic Initiative is focused on increasing Hispanic representation at PepsiCo, in our offices and our supply chain, and offers support at a community level. Over the next five years, we’re investing $172 million to empower Hispanic communities and businesses; in 2020 we supported additional initiatives with $224 million for Hispanic suppliers.

Breakdown of Hispanic Initiative commitments & progress updates

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