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PepsiCo's ESG Topics A-Z provides detail on strategy, data, policy, progress and more on a wide range of subjects.

The information shown here is accurate as of June 20, 2024. Unless otherwise noted, our sustainability data reflects progress made during the calendar year (ending December 31, 2023), whereas our financial reporting corresponds with our fiscal year, which ends on the last Saturday of December.

As a general matter, recent organizational changes (e.g., acquisitions and divestitures) are reflected in our reporting as soon as practical. Unless otherwise noted, goals and progress reflect the impact of our acquisitions of Hangzhou Haomusi Food Co., Ltd. (Be & Cheery), Pioneer Food Group Ltd. (Pioneer Foods), and SodaStream International Ltd. and our divestiture of Tropicana, Naked and other select juice brands (Tropicana).

Organizational changes (e.g., acquisitions, mergers, and divestitures) are evaluated to determine if they have a significant impact on our sustainability performance and, as data becomes available, all reported years for metrics impacted by an organizational change are recast to consistently reflect the impact of the organizational change.

Targets apply to PepsiCo’s operations as well as our value chain (e.g., franchise bottlers, joint ventures where PepsiCo has operational control, comanufacturers, etc.) unless otherwise noted.


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