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Ronald Schellekens

Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

PepsiCo has a rich legacy of leading with diversity. For decades, we have made our company better and more competitive by building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture both for our business and our society. As we face new challenges in an ever-changing operating environment, advancing this work has never been more critical to our success. And a vital part of our efforts is being transparent about our actions.

Accordingly, we published our first Workforce Demographics Report in October 2020 and committed to update this data bi-annually. We are currently tracking our progress as a company for two specific goals:

  • Gender Parity: Achieve 50% women in global management roles by 2025.
  • Managerial Representation: Increase U.S. Black and Hispanic managerial representation to 10%, respectively, to mirror workforce availability of the communities where we work. A goal that is part of our more than $500 million set of commitments to advance racial equality.

As it pertains to these goals, we've made measurable progress. As of Q4 2020 we've increased our global female managerial representation to more than 41%. In the U.S., we've increased Black and Hispanic managerial representation to 8% and 9%, respectively. 

While it’s clear there’s more work to do, I am confident that this increased transparency, coupled with our concerted efforts and dedication, will ensure our diversity journey continues to enable us to fulfill our mission to Create More Smiles with Every Sip and Every Bite.

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Ronald Schellekens
Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer


Striving for Gender Parity Globally

We’re committed to increasing our diversity and have set a global goal to reach gender parity in management roles by 2025.


“This is only the beginning of our efforts. Building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace is a business imperative. We remain committed to advancing towards our goals because we recognize our opportunity and responsibility as agents of progress.”

Tina Bigalke
Global Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer


Representation data for the Global and U.S. workforce, and Board of Directors is as of December 31, 2020.
As referenced in our goals, "management" and "managerial representation" represent "Senior Level Professionals, Managers and Executives."
See PepsiCo's EEO-1 report.
Percentages may not add up to 100% due to rounding. We round to the nearest whole number, but in instances where it rounds down to 0%, we have included a decimal point to illustrate our representation. 
International is every country excluding U.S.
Ethnicity/Race categories use EEOC definitions.
Person of Color combines all ethnicities except White and Non-disclosed.
21 employees accounted for in our total population are not included in subsequent breakouts due to missing data.
Percentages follow the legend going left to right and start at the top center.

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